Saturday, March 3, 2012


The first week of half-term has been lovely. Scott's mum has been here and the weather has been kind. Apart from feeling rotten from a virus that no one else seems to be catching, it's been relaxing and very happy:)

Lots of running free inside and outside, which mean lots of mud being brought into the house. I'm so glad we don't have carpets. 

I'm feeling a little more free too. I deleted my facebook account. Something had to give and although I found myself looking at it several times a day, it was bugging me. I shall hopefully be doing something more productive with my time instead. :) 

p.s the daisy in the top picture was what Bella planted and gave to me. She did it all by herself - little sweetie. 


  1. The planted daisy is so sweet! It is mud season here as well...

  2. Sorry to hear you're unwell. Hope you feel better soon. Its looking very spring-like there - has been here too. Love it. I deleted my Pinterest this week and like you, feel free! I was wasting too much of my life on it and getting nothing from it. I thought I'd miss it, but I don't! Glad you feel better about the Facebook thing too x

  3. Ah, your daughter is called Bella too? Our Bella is short for Isabella. Aren't you brave deleting facebook...I just couldn't bring myself to do it (yet!) x

  4. That looks like some good playing! Sorry you are dealing with illness. The will power you have to delete your facebook is awe inspiring!

  5. It´s nices to enjoy the weather outside!!

  6. Miss Bella and that daisy - gorgeous girl!
    I have been thinking about the facebook thing too - I am not very good at it anyway. May just have to follow your lead!!


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