Sunday, May 13, 2012

A little pre-birthday celebration for Sam this weekend with his best friends. His actual birthday is on Wednesday but this weekend seemed like a good time to show off his new trampoline. Which is huge by the way and takes up a whole corner of the garden. A whole lot of fun though too :) I made a pinata for the first time. I was afraid it wouldn't work but it did brilliantly. My cake could have been a little tidier around the edges, but the little ones didn't seem to care!

I may dig out a couple of baby photos for Wednesday. It makes me a little sad how time flies so fast. But happy too that we get to watch this young man grown in front of our eyes :)


  1. As the mother of a baby, then a toddler, then a primary school child, I always dreaded the next step and wanted to stop the clock at each stage. Time seemed to pass so quickly.
    I can honestly say, as the mum of teenagers, every step has been wonderful. Scary at times, but wonderful too.
    You have so so much to look forward to.
    Your photos are lovely - special times.

  2. This post really resonated with me...I've been so busy mourning Angus's baby years I haven't focused enough on what lies ahead.

    That party looks so chic. Angus's party next weekend will consist of a soft play centre, slides, ball pools, screaming. Not a glass of red in sight!

  3. Fab pinata! Go you!

    And you know what they say: the bigger the trampoline, the bigger the fun! Actually, I don't know anyone that says that except me...

    Oh and your Punch and Judy puppet theatre made me smile because, guess what, The Crafty Minx has Punch and Judy to make in it. How cool is that!? Hope you win!!


  4. happy birthday little/big sam! five is wonderful! sunny and serene says the gesell institute of child development by the way... i do see that in ez. i love your cake and piƱata and bunting for the party! well done! the trampoline was a perfect present.

  5. I am sure your cake was lovely and tasty. Time goes fast but I did not realize it until they were graduating high school. Happy birthday :)

  6. Such a little man!

  7. Looks a lovely party! Happy Birthday Sam for Wednesday.

  8. Oh what a nice party!
    happy birthday to Sam!

  9. Love the pinata! Looks like everyone had lots of fun! x

  10. What a sweet, sweet party! i love an old fashioned AT HOME celebration like this.

    I had to look twice at your pinata. At first I thought it was a chicken b/c I thought it had little legs sticking out the bottom. Then I realized it was a little one in the background. :)


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