Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A puppet theatre and a skirt.
I wanted to make Sam and Bella a puppet theatre after I found old fashioned punch and judy puppets at a brocante. Scott put together a stage and we covered it with fabric and bunting. Now I need to think of some imaginative punch and judy stories.

I made Bella a simple skirt from lovely fox fabric I bought from fabric rehab. There was just enough. She wasn't the best model however. I caught her in a sulk. Recently she keeps calling us "stupid" and I heard her before call Scott a "stupid poo poo"! I know it's just another phase of naughtiness but it is a little bit funny :)


  1. My son is going through a phase of calling everyone 'stupid'. We were walking down the road the other day and (within earshot) he shouted 'Mummy, that man is stupid'. Love the puppet theatre and the punch and judy puppets. You need some sausages, all punch and judy shows involve stealing sausages! :)

  2. Nothing stupid poo poo about the skirt or the puppet theatre! Kellie xx

  3. Clever lady!

    It's funny I was just looking at that fabric today on Etsy.

    So it looks like we are both well and truly in the terrible twos phase. I am constantly amazed how a child can go from being totally adorable to a horrible nightmare in a matter of seconds...a little like the weather we've been having recently.

    I don't know about Bella but Angélique knows how to shout. Quite deafening and our ears cannot take anymore come evening time.


  4. love your craftiness. i need to be better at posting about these funny things our kiddies do. but, for some reason if i were to say that ezra has taken to sometimes saying, "i don't like you then..." i don't think it would sound as sweet as when bella calls scott a stupid poo poo.

  5. Love the grump picture! How amazing to find Punch and Judy puppets, they work so well in your puppet theatre - what a creative lady you are! x

  6. I love the grumpy sulk photo, love the skirt and love the puppet show.
    Thats a lot of love isn't it!

  7. I had to have a giggle too, oh dear that 'stupid poo poo' saying is a classic. The two of you are so clever I love the puppet show theatre. xx

  8. Ah little miss grumpy, I think I look like that sometimes! Only without the pretty skirt. Love your puppets, I bought a puppet last week but it's in the freezer as I'm hoping to kill the bugs that came with it.


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