Thursday, May 17, 2012

Today we went to the skate park with the skateboard Sam got from his nana and grandad. As predicted, all they wanted to do was run up and slide down the ramps getting all grubby - naturally. It was fun and nice for Sam to be able to ride his scooter (and his skateboard soon) on smooth tarmac, rather than on our bumpy stone driveway.


  1. Awesome pictures or 'epic' as my eldest skate dude of a son would say.

    Your kids are the cutest.

    Nina xxx

    1. Amazing how kids are drawn to skateparks. And to running around in them as much as skating in them. It says something about the kind of play that playground designers shOuld think about.. I have seen rolling seas and pirate ships, forts and all kinds of make believe happen at skateparks!

  2. the third photo down of bella is adorable. looks like some lovely time spent outdoors. your kids are the cutest. xo. ps: after much thought i am blogging in a new space. feel free to join me there. veronica.

  3. Your kids are too cute! ps - you have a lovely blog :)

  4. Great pictures as always. Bella reminds me of a liquorice allsort today!

  5. My husband loves skateboarding and my son is obsessed with the skateboards. Last weekend when I was at the flea market I found a mini version and he is over the moon. I have to hide it every now and then though as he is a bit too brave on it! x

  6. I absolutely love your photography style. This last photo is perfect!


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