Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Bird activity

By Scott:

Pulling a funny face (see last photo) and making silly noises are as I have found an essential part of being a father and also to raise baby birds from their nest so my little angel can see them. In this old apple tree that unfortunately died last year we have blue tits and a family of blackbirds. Across in my workshop I am kept company all day by 2 families of swallows and some redstarts.


  1. Hello Scott! How lovely to have all those birds nesting everywhere. We have lots here, despite living in a city. We recently had a sad conversation with our Bella when we discovered a dead baby bird outside the kitchen door, fallen from it's nest above. Your pictures are much more cheerful!

  2. Hi Scott,

    The older I get, the more I seem to love birds. Seems to me that your company is the best (also when you're not in the workshop).
    Kind regards,

  3. You are lucky indeed - I love to watch the birdies. Over here, our birds are loud and obnoxious. Kookaburras, cockatoos and king parrots are regular visitors. Not to mention horrid bush turkeys who our chicken run off quick smart! x

  4. We get ibis, grey herons, green parrots, pee wee birds, and butcher birds mainly. Visits from the heron in the middle of town are quite unusual... I think they like all the grasshoppers in our yard.


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