Sunday, June 24, 2012

Tempting fate

I may be speaking too soon, but I think summer has finally arrived. It's getting hotter and hotter. Windows and doors are opened (to let the flies in) and children, dogs and chickens freely wander in and out.

Sam is delighted that Bella is finally brave enough to join him on his trampoline. It was a bit lonely up there on his own.

Potty training is going well too (speaking too soon again) but she's used her potty all day. I put her nappy on for a bike ride and bless her she crossed her legs until we got home..."pee pee coming!" Daddy was not impressed though that she did a number 1 and 2 in his van yesterday :)

Last week of school for Sam and we've been working on a fabric designing project. I have just to finish it off before I can show the results.


  1. Gorgeous pics as ever. Such fab images. I am about to embark on potty trainig too for the wee one. Summer is the best time I think! Jxx

  2. gorgeous images andrea. your potty training comment made me smile. penny has done the same in her room before. we still struggle daily with her toileting. it is taking a while. look forward to seeing your project. xo

  3. Your images are always such a calming way to start the day.

    Good luck with the training - a 'car accident' is pretty awful. Use vinegar to neutralise any lingering odours after cleaning!!! x

  4. Looking forward to seeing your results. It is winter here and we are all hibernating. Looking forward to the warmer weather. It is a great feeling when you can open the house up.

  5. love all the little details you've captured.

    (he he for van business ;)

  6. Well done Bella on the potty training. Afraid we have not progressed much on this side!v So happy to hear Summer has reached you all - the pics are lovely! we are freezing over here! x

  7. Yay for summer arriving! We've had it for a while. Love the mug shot :)

  8. Looking forward to seeing the fabric project results!

    Well done Bella for the potty training. We have been trying off and on with Angus for the last couple of months and it's a Total Disaster. I can't imagine that he'll ever go in a potty at this rate!

  9. Oh bless - I remember those 'pee pee coming' days......and shhhhh - I think you may be right, but oh those pesky flies.

    Nina x


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