Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Super Sam

Super hero Bat-Sam. Followed by his little Robin.

A funny snipit from the weekend. Some of the people we saw at the weekend were Brits and called Sam "Samuel". Sam is used to being called Samuel by the French who pronounce it Sam-oo-elle. At the end of the evening as we said our goodbyes and Sam also said goodbye - he walked away and loudly said in earshot of everyone "I don't know why those people keep on calling me Samu-wall. What a silly name!" 


  1. oh cute little sam-oo-elle! i have a little super hero who'd love to run around with him in costume! it is so common that he wears it, i sometimes hide it so he won't see it i get so tired of it. i'm sure i'll miss the days.

  2. Gorgeous photos of Bat-Sam and Robin :-)

  3. He is funny! How nice that he kept it to himself til the very end of the visit. I love his super outfits!

  4. Gorgeous pictures of your superhero cuties! I love Sam's opinions on his name - good for him! x


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