Friday, November 2, 2012


We've been hibernating of late. Too much, I'm feeling a little cabin feverish! Scott worked away for 10 days, so me and the kids camped out downstairs, sofabed infront of the fire. It was cosy and I was worried they wouldn't want to sleep in their bedroom again. Luckily, they understand it's just while daddy works away.

Sam seems to have grown up suddenly. No longer wanting to play with toys, he's into hardcore lego robots and scootering around the house. He did score an army set at a brocante recently, which he bought with his own pocket money. As you can see, Bella's latest obsession is with water and soap.


  1. what a pretty bathroom and little bella always makes me smile. sam sounds like ez. it's actually nice to hear that this is normal.

  2. Beautiful pics. I love the thought of Sam buying his own little army set. Think we're going to attempt a car boot soon with a bit of cash for each of the kids.

    Also love the thought of the sofa bed in front of the fire - don't think I'd want to sleep in my bedroom again after that!

  3. lovely post and that birdy jumper is just gorgeous - I want one!!!

  4. Lovely pictures. I love hibernating but I know what you mean about the cabin fever.

    We gave the kids some pocket money to spend at a car boot sale a while back. Bella bought barbie dolls, Angus bought toy cars...they loved it so much. x

    xx the cookies
    share the feeling

  6. I was just looking at Bella and thinking how grown up she looked with her hair up, so cute. Wishing you a wonderful day. xx


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