Thursday, December 13, 2012


Santa sent letters! Sam had his first visit to the dentist (a little late tut tut). He was a brave boy and really thought there was nothing to it. I wish I thought that. We learnt he has a wobbly tooth too.

Nana 'Buckle sent a maths book for Sam (and crochet patterns for me, thank you :). Lately, he loves to do maths in the evening. Until now it's been sums scribbled on paper so this book is much more fun.


  1. I hate dentist after the school one put me off. A wobbly tooth though - exciting stuff.

    Love that maths book

    Nina x

  2. we just recently took ezra to the dentist for the first time too. he loved it even though he thought it was going to be scary. and he also has his first wiggly bottom tooth! our boys are right on the same track.

  3. A wiggly tooth? he's getting older :) Love the crochet afghan on the nightstand, very pretty!!

  4. Love the little nesting bird doll set ... I want one for me :) ... and a wobbly tooth ... how exciting ... the tooth fairy will have to visit ... Bee xx

  5. Ah, the dentist...i loath going and I loath taking the kids just as much. Gorgeous happy photos - can I just say that i LOVE the little russian doll set! I have a bit of a thing for russian dolls. x


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