Sunday, December 16, 2012

Santa's grotto

A trip to see Père Noël with friends yesterday in the village. Situated in a lovely old house converted into a grotto. Oh, the excitement!


  1. oh andrea. can you hear me sighing. i dream of the day i get to visit this lovely part of the world you live. just beautiful. xo

  2. What a fabulous romantic place to go see Santa.

    We tried with the kids at the weekend at our Rapunzel like Crampton Tower, but with a two hour wait - we gave up. Our two were not all that bothered at all to be honest and nothing a hot chocolate couldn't put they've sent their letters - it's a done deal in their eyes.

    Hope you had fun.

    Nina xxx

  3. beautiful little town! Our Santas are mostly in shopping malls.

  4. Oh my goodness! Quite excited to have found your blog via the blog hop- I am a total francophile so I'm very interested to read more about your life!


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