Friday, May 10, 2013

Last week.....

Last week we had lovely weather. The wisteria bloomed and smells amazing. The noise of bees buzzing is incredibly loud around the wisteria and chesnut tree. I listen to the nightingales singing at 3 or 4 am whilst I lay awake as I have been doing during this pregnancy.

Sam loved toasting marshmallows on the fire but didn't like eating them so much. Bella in her element outside, following her daddy everywhere. I managed to find her matching saltwater sandals. This week we're back in our wellies, splashing in puddles.

Thank you for the birthday wishes!


  1. Gorgeous photos, especially the two pairs of saltwaters in the field of daisies. xx

  2. So beautiful, can't wait to see who that bump brings! x

  3. Lovely images! And I've sandal envy, I have some but wish they were in tan, not white ;)


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