Monday, September 23, 2013


Sam: wanted his photo with me this week
Bella : has been taking a keen interest in her dolls since Anna was born
Anna : has her first cold, gave her first little laugh and had her first vaccinations

Joining with Jodi and the 52 project. 


  1. anna makes me want another baby. omg... i love this selfie of you and your darling sam. love pensive bella and i want want want her birkis! xoxo face time soon? would love to hear your sweet voice.

  2. so sweet to see the kids (and you). Glad all is well!

  3. the first times are so special... even if it's a cold or cruel vaccinations:)
    beautiful photos; specialy the meaning of bella's photo...

  4. Beautiful mama! How do you look so amazing and well rested? I feel like I am about 100 years old :-) x


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