Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Educating my children

I'm no expert when it comes to education. But I do care when it comes to their willingness to learn, their happiness and the paths they will naturally follow. They have both easily adapted to the French village school and a good school it is and I feel confident in sending them there.

If I could change anything about my education it would be to have been given the appropriate guidance and advice. For someone qualified to recognise my strengths instead of what I struggled with. Why was I forced to achieve basic grades in science and maths when my strengths were English, arts and design? Who knows where I would be now. 

It is evident that Sam leans towards maths and science and Bella towards creative subjects. Activities at home are therefore based around this. Sam loves taking things apart to see how they work whilst Bella will happily draw. When it comes to baking, Sam isn't too keen but he loves to measure and weigh ingredients (and eat the mixture :). That isn't to say they don't need encouragement. When it comes to music practice, they moan and groan, but with motivation I know they will feel happier having practiced.  

And at their age I also recognise most importantly they need to be kids. Making a mess and noise is paramount. Who knows what they will become but I do know their future is bright and will be full of opportunities with the right support and guidance. 

"Education provides the fullest opportunities for fulfilling ourselves. It is the access to all that a person has yet to learn, and that is precisely why the future belongs to the educated.” Lowell Milken 


  1. This is a lovely post! I remember being told at school that we HAD to do maths because we didn't do maths then we'd have no career opportunities!!! Such a load of rubbish. Glad our kids have better opportunities :-) x

  2. You are doing such a good job. Just keep encouraging their interests. And you create such a peaceful home life for them, they are bound to appreciate that. As they grow they will use that memory of peace and serenity to find balance in a world of active peers.


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