Thursday, March 6, 2014

8 months

I can't believe I'm actually typing 8 months. It's going too fast. Anna is such a delight and easy. Having a brother and sister help but usually she is with me in the sling or next to me. She's just started to shuffle on her bottom so let the fun begin! Oh and just for recording notes purposes she said "dada" and "mama" the latter when crying, arms outstretched.


  1. Oh Andrea!! I haven't looked at blogs for such a long time and look at your beautiful photos!!! Wow, you are clever and those children of yours- outstandingly beautiful. I have loved seeing more photos of Anna. I would love for our little girls to be able to play! I can't go without that pinafore either, I'm going to have to make one xxx

  2. xxxx beautiful. congratulations on 8 months mama.


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