Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Camelia and photos

The Camelia bush is in full bloom at the moment. It's flowering in abundance for the first time since the harsh frost a few years ago. Guess who was out there cutting the flowers? I love her enthusiasm so I don't mind at all.

Also, I ordered prints from my Instagram feed and wasn't disappointed. I'm making framed collages for the staircase wall. They're from printstud.io 


  1. Oh I thought I commented but I'm not sure if it worked - if it did then so sorry for the repeat comment! Just to say how beautiful your photography is - I'm new to your blog and felt moved to comment on this post as we too adore camelias. We have a similar pink in the garden that has been dotted in vases around our home. Phillipa

  2. Thanks so much Phillipa. They do brighten the place up. X


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