Friday, April 4, 2014

Nine months of Anna

Nine months! It feels to us she has been a part of our family for longer. She fits right in with our home life and has figured out her own routine. Breastfeeding is still going strong (and so is the biting) but she eats regular meals with us and eats pretty much whatever we do. The fussy eating phase hasn't made an appearance yet. Her favourite foods to eat are weetabix, banana, yoghurt, green beans, sausages and fish. She swiped a sausage from Bella's fork the other day and had eaten it by the time Bella had noticed. 

She shuffles on her padded bum, though she's quite happy sitting still at the moment thank goodness (frantically placing cushions around her). Waving and kissing (the bottom two photos are her wanting to give a kiss :)) and mutters away to herself whilst she busily plays. Unfortunately, she knows what she wants and has started to scream when she doesn't get it and she's super clingy not really wanting to go to other people apart from us four. 

She really is a happy relaxed baby. We find her so easy and a delight to be with. Happy nine months Anna! 


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