Friday, May 30, 2014

More of the same......

I don't tend to take my camera out with me much at the moment. A baby ergo and a canon don't mix hence photos always in the house and garden. I have added the Instagram widget as I use that (and no longer facebook) mostly. 

On days at home the children find their own rhythm. Bella potters and creates whilst muttering and singing. Sam (when dragged off his tablet) makes Lego and plays superhero made up games and Anna is wherever I am, often only interested in what I am using and therefore taking it off me. But that's ok. She's too sweet to resist. Sometimes all three children clash, sometimes playing harmoniously, sometimes not. 

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  1. So sweet to see them doing their own thing. I always love to see pictures you post on instagram. Hope all is great with all of you. Big hug and kiss from us xxx


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