Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Cash card, check, chequebook, check...

What a rubbish day! I drove 40 minutes to my mum's house to drop the children off and then another 30 minutes to the supermarket only to realise I didn't have the cash card. I could've screamed but luckily however I did have the chequebook.......but no ID! In France, most shops ask for photo ID if you pay by cheque.

It was just one of those days.

Anyway, I found 10 euros at the bottom of my bag and spend it in the brocante :)


  1. Gorgeous pictures! we all have those kind of days sometimes.

  2. these photos are just beautiful and ugh...i hate it when i do things like that, which is actually fairly often! at least you got to treeat yourself to something though!


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