Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Messiness and Creativeness

Just a bit of messiness today. Sam doesn't like just to paint and draw - he prefers to get all his cars and run them through the paint. In addition, several bowls of water are requested and tinged various colours from the paint - which are then all mixed up and inevitably spilled and spread everywhere. A little play doh is mixed in too somewhere along the line. Hence, why I ask him to do all this on the picnic bench.

And a couple of new things Bella has started to do today. She has started waving back at people (i.e. me!) and we have been practising passing the spoon - I ask her to pass me the spoon and she passes it over to me. Nothing major, but all these little advances are special and I love them :)


  1. Looks like some messy fun- I love the spoon game- sounds like giggles and laughs.

  2. oh, fun! my little guy loved doing that with his cars in paint as well. such cute pictures! and wow, a big milestone for your girl! : )


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