Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Day off Wednesday

In most of France (I don't know about other countries..?), Wednesday is no school day. As Sam is only 3 years old, part of the 'petit' section, a day off is well needed. We let him sleep as long as possible and let him take his time getting ready for his Judo class (2nd lesson today, bless!).

Other than that, we take it easy. There's no pressure, no creative activities, no preaching or teaching. I try my hardest not to shout. It's a day to spend with his maman, daddy and baby sister...c'est tout!
So, we took all his toys into the garden, all his paints on the table (still there) and had a relatively happy day. I think he was missing his little girlfriend, Marie. His teacher had to sneak me into his classroom the other afternoon, where they were sat by themselves - Sam with his arm around sweet - he's only 3! Her comment to me was "trop mignon!".


  1. Sam's truck line-up brings back many happy memories of days spent playing with my (now 23-year-old) son.

  2. This sounds like an absolutely wonderful day!!
    You captures of it are lovely!

  3. that is so cute! i love that he is in judo class already! i look forward to signing ezra up for little classes like that one day. we don't have school on wednesdays here on the french side of st. martin either. we saw many local children at the beach today.


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