Monday, September 20, 2010

My mobylette

Out for a spin on my old French mobylette (with mobile phone incase of breakdown) today. I rode down to the old castle ruins at Brosse. Trying to make the most of the weather while it lasts. We've had such a great summer, but the end is near and the woodburner is back burning in the evenings.
The days have been so clear and the moon shining bright in the sky at night. Tonight, I took Sam outside in his pyjamas and we looked at the stars and the moon. Watching his expression when I told him about the man in the moon and pointed out his eyes, nose and mouth. The amazement. He immediately ran inside and dragged Scott outside to pass on this revelation!


  1. I adore that first photo! You make me want to trade in my Nikon and buy a vintage camera lol.

    Jackie x

  2. oh! that is so cute! i look forward to showing ezra the man in the moon someday. you are living such a charmed life with your mobylette and wood burner. i would like to try out your lifestyle for a while. :)

  3. That is so cute- Man on the moon-

    Lovely photos- such a vibrant harvest.

  4. Is it too early in our friendship for me to tell you that you make me so green with envy that I'm in danger of turning into a pea???? x

  5. i love it, that looks like so much fun. and i am quite jealous too, of your gorgeous scenery and of your woodburner! : ) love clear nights when you can see all the stars, amazing!

  6. Such beautiful shots!


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