Thursday, September 30, 2010

Our City

In central France, we're ideally situated to set off in any direction and there are countless places one can reach within a two hour drive. I used to be embarrased that living in such a culture-full country, our home city is Chateauroux. As we live the same distance to Limoges, I would always prefer to go there to have lunch and shop. Chateauroux was the place we 'had' to go to stock up on DIY supplies and food shopping - most definately not for anything else. I think I was a city snob!
However, I have grown to actually rather love this place. And wandering about taking photos makes me appreciate it even more. My knowledge of history is poor but if my step father is correct, most of the old buildings were bombed in the war. The result is an ecletic mix of new and old. Lots of 1960's tower blocks mixed in with the old rumbling, shabby, sweet buildings.
I am quite proud to share Gerard Depardieu's home town (the only thing it is famous for I believe!).


  1. I love it! To me, all of France is so magical...

  2. Such a beautiful city, love your pictures they make me smile!

  3. i like your corner of chateauroux.


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