Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Where did September go?

September has flown by and I'm trying to remember what we've been doing.

  • Still trying to preserve apples, quinces, chillies etc before they go mouldy
  • Making lovely oak shutters for our front windows - preparing for winter.
  • Dealing with far too many vintage purchases. I think I need an extra room all to myself..?
  • Building fabulous buildings and moving lego towers.
  • Trying to deal with Bella's frustration of wanting to move...slowly shuffling on her bottom.
  • Countryside walks and foraging for mushrooms.
  • Knitting Bella a cardigan only to run out of wool and realise the shop does not sell that colour anymore!
  • Sorting winter clothes from the summer ones and being ruthless in deciding which ones to keep.
It is all going too quickly!


  1. bella's cheeks are delicious. i love your son's rain boots. maybe you can make a bolero from the yarn intended for the cardi? i do hate when that happens. but, you'll find something to make with it i'm sure. have you been to spud and chloe's website? they have some cute free patterns on there...

  2. I have been wondering the same thing. Lovely photos!

  3. gosh, it's all been a blur here as well. i forgot to get quince at the market this week and am hoping that the weather will clear so that we have our saturday market this week. thank you for the encouragement to can. happy last moments of september! xoxo


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