Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Christmas Summary

We're back in France after 2 weeks in the north of England where, despite all our plans, we were mainly snowed bound at Scott's parents. We had a lovely time and well earned rest and did manage to spend some time with friends and family close by.

We made it to see Santa in his grotto and to the Panto to see Snow White (and Noddy!). We caught up with old friends and met baby Miles for the first time and visited Great Granny Jessie too. Sam, Scott and Uncle Rob made a snowman (finally) whilst Auntie Saranne and I stood by with mugs of hot tea.

Christmas morning was magical. We have never seen Sam so excited - first realising Rudolph had eaten the carrot and Santa had eaten his biscuit, drunk his wine and even left a note! Entering the lounge in darkness and turning on the lights to find 2 stockings brimming with presents was nearly too much for Sam to take in...and all of us!

Now, we're back home it seems it has all gone by too fast....


  1. How lovely, sounds like you had a great time ☼

  2. So glad you had a wonderful holiday!
    I wish you a beautiful New Year.



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