Friday, December 31, 2010

Early Celebrations

We toasted in the new year early this year at our friends, Lisa and Laurent's wedding. Held in the magnificent Chateau de Chabenet - which was the Chateau Michael Jackson tried to buy to plan his new theme park, but unfortunately his plans were rejected.

The ceremony was held in the chapel and aperitifs in the hall with a huge open fireplace. Even more magical was the meal which was held in the renovated cellars! The dress code was strictly black (apart from the bride) and adults only. I danced and danced, completely sober with French and English guests until the early hours and we returned for breakfast with the children. Sam now believes that his friend, Luka (Lisa and Laurent's son) lives in a castle. Much fun was had by the children running across the expanisve parquet flooring.

So, new years eve for us is an early night after only getting to our beds at 2.30am.

Happy new year! xxx


  1. oh wow! that sounds and looks marvelous! what a great way to bring in the new year early celebrating the love of your friends. how cool that you all wore black except the bride. you look so pretty with the bride and i love the rose neckline of your dress. all of your pictures tell a great story. you're so good at doing that with a few photos. happy new year to you and yours! cheers!

  2. oh wow, so exciting! what a wonderful way to celebrate someone's marriage, sounds like so much fun. and you are just too pretty andrea! happy new year to you!


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