Saturday, January 1, 2011


Each year Scott and I write our new years resolution lists and lose them with 48 hours of writing them. This year however, mine at least are here for me to see every day and hopefully this time I will achieve them.

Here goes in no particular order....

be more organised both mentally and cupboardly - I have a terrible habit of shoving things in drawers and cupboards.

weather permitting take the dogs for a regular morning walk - morning means before 10am!

much more creating with the children and less cbeebies (tv channel) watching!

read more books to the children and for myself

knit that blinkin' cardigan for Bella!

visit more places - afterall we live in a country with a rich culture and many beautiful chateaux

keep on top of the garden and veggie plots

improve my french!

keep calm

make time for yoga or walking

do all the above!


  1. Love it Andrea, and beautiful photographs!
    Happy New Year!


  2. copy and paste all of the above for me too.. : ) except it would be knit that blinkin' pair of socks for myself. i will indeed have two dogs to walk again this year when we return to california in april.... lots of change happening this year for us. love your pictures again!

  3. Hi Andrea, a great list!!! Happy New Year to you lovely!

    I'm with you on the creative & not cbeebies one and the reading more!
    Big hugs lou x


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