Sunday, January 2, 2011

The camera man

My little shadow has been helping me today taking photos with his new (blue) camera. Sam insisted on taking the photos for my shop. "C'est me mummy, c'est me" - translated means "back off mummy, I'll do it." I knew he would love a camera of his very own.


  1. so cute! : ) is it a working camera or just a play one?

  2. what a great chest and wonderful camera for sam. we'll have to get one for ez one day too... for now he has my old lumix but the lens cover doesn't open all the way unless you smack it... love the last picture you took. is that a self portrait he took?

  3. Yes, it's a real camera - digital. And the scary thing was he knew exactly how to use it! He hasn't figured out the self-portraiting yet, but I'm sure thats to follow xx

  4. Yeeeees!
    An up and coming photographer!
    What a sweet shot!

  5. That's adorable, my children love to take pictures of the own too ☼


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