Friday, January 14, 2011

Baking and painting

I gave myself the task of painting the interior walls (all of them) back to white. I underestimated just a little how long it would take. The paint here is so thin and even painting over cream takes 3 or 4 coats! Never mind - it's looking much brighter in our little dark house and at least with white I can always keep a spare tin to paint over those mucky teeny hand prints.

And we've been baking again. Trying to steer away from biscuits, I've been making muffins - lemon ones. I just need to get them a bit more lemony. I'm thinking of just blitzing a whole lemon and have done with it...?

And, biscuits! Sam had a playdate with a friend from school, so we made a batch of biscuits.


  1. Nice photos- I love anything lemon flavored-

  2. yay! the biscuit recipe is revealed! now if only i had an oven... thank you! will use in the future..

  3. It has been so long since I have baked biscuits, I love the smell of them cooking in the oven.

    Arr, painting is such a pain, the the end results are so worth it ☼

  4. we're here until april and would love it if you really came and sam, ezra and bella could play in the big sea together! air france comes everyday! : ) i think it's everyday... anyways... the bike is not new. it is a fabulous little balance bike made by joue club. he loves it so much but we're going to have to get him something new when we return to the states. will be leaving lots and lots of his playthings behind. ; (

  5. What a busy day for you!!
    I have found that no matter what you cover with white paint, it seems to take forever! Worth it though!
    Have a great weekend Andrea!


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