Thursday, January 13, 2011

Cheekiness, Chubbiness, Cuteness and Comical...

...she's all of these things, my little girl. Not to mention bossy and likes to throw a complete screaming fit - but we'll not go into that, only to say that Sam is learning to quickly put his hands over his ears to cut the noise out.

She has expressions for all situations and laughs regulary and her own babble jokes. And when she sees me grabbing the camera, she straightens her back and tilts her head, ready for posing. She certainly lights up my day and keeps me busy.


  1. So cute- Those cheeks are very bite-able!

  2. adorable! love the pictures and esp. the one of the two of you. sweet loving moment.

  3. What wonderful pictures! Love your description of your little girl.


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