Friday, January 21, 2011

Village horses

Our neighbour, Monsieur Ovan keeps his horses in various fields around the village. Most of the villagers partake (including us) in lending him our land. In return, his horses eat the grass, therefore keeping it nice and manageable!

So, when we walk about the village, you never know when or where you will bump into these handsome creatures. We did surprise them the other day - or the dogs did. The horses galloped and jumped about in a frenzy. When they calmed down they came over to say hello and Bella was so excited, waving and blowing kisses. The brown and white one walked with us on his side of the fence down the length of the field. I so so wish I wasn't super allergic to them.


  1. Beautiful! Does Monsieur Ovan set up temporary fencing as he moves them around? It must be exciting for the kids to unexpectantly bump into them.

  2. Yes he does, though sometimes they do escape!

  3. oh they're gorgeous. my family has a gypsy and a few clydesdales that look like the ones in the top photo. how wonderful you share your land with them so willingly and the kids get to be around them. maybe one day they'll take you for a ride.


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