Thursday, January 20, 2011

Park life

Sam loves, loves, loves the park and we are fortunate to have many nearby to choose from. We tried a new one recently, which luckily passed the test. He loved to perch himself at the top of the slide and look out to the lake pondering what ever it is little boys ponder.

Bella was in her pushchair - as I stupidly thought she would sit there like a good baby and watch her brother for 1/2 an hour. Well, I got that wrong. Bella is still showing no signs of walking, so as the ground was muddy and wet, I put her in the little wooden house. But, she made a bee line for the lovely gooey mud...and was more than happy (after a dog poo and broken glass check) to crawl around getting very very muddy and wet through. I need to purchase some waterproof trousers for her.

We went silly with taking photos so I thought I'd make a collage. x


  1. what a beautiful countryside you live in a such beauties to share it with. they look so happy too..

  2. Sounds like a nice park except for the glass and dog poo. Beautiful pictures, I ♥ your collages!

  3. The collage is gorgeous, as are the children :) Love the finish on your photos as well. Perfect.


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