Monday, February 7, 2011

Hide and go seek

We can't step outside at the moment without Sam asking us to play "peek-a-boo". He is very persistent and he does cheat too - peeking whilst counting to ten. I especially love the photo of Scott hiding behind the tree! 


  1. yes - the last shot of scott is my favorite too! it still has me smiling. and again - everything sam does ezra does too! we played hide and seek this morning (and often do) and he also peeks while counting. i just love how simple the game still is and that they don't mind if you hide in the next room or they return to the same hiding spot again and again.

  2. Love that action shot and love the blue boots- so cute-

  3. Does he hide in plain sight thinking he's completely hidden? I used to love that!

    THe 2nd picture of him running is perfect. :)


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