Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The bottom step

Our staircase is in the kitchen and the bottom step is a platform for many activities (including the naughty step). Whilst I am in the kitchen, baking, washing up or burning and making a mess of dinner, there is always a mini person positioned at the bottom step. And wooden toys are always welcome. Bella hasn't figured out building with them yet but mixing them up and throwing them is much more fun. Making noise full stop is fun. Thankfully, and for the sake of all our ears she has stopped high pitched screaming and has now started to shout "maaa-may" (mummy) at the top of her voice. We prefer this :) 


  1. you are so funny.... is she saying "maaa-may" in the bottome photo? i can just hear it. i bet it's cute. make a video for yourselves...

  2. super cute! my daughter started building with hers and make all sorts of place for our peg doll to live.


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