Wednesday, February 9, 2011

On peut refaire le monde!

"We can remake the world" is the moto of the homeless shelter I visit every week. These shelters are scattered around France alongside the second hand shops they run. In short they are "An international solidarity movement unlike any other! This is made up of the thousands of men and women whose work is motivated by the simple sentences: 'serve first those who suffer most' and 'fight against the causes of poverty'.."

Although there is much more to this organisation, the shops work simply with the public donating their unwanted items and Emmaus sell them again. Each shop is run by the people who live in the shelters plus volunteers. It is my favourite pastime going here. Whilst Scott or my mum and step-dad look after the children, I spend a blissfull 2 hours wandering and rooting. The atmosphere is so friendly. I think they recognise me now. Plus, I do feel so good knowing I am giving to charity, even though I am not really doing anything other than buying things I like.


  1. the needlepoint pillow book is a relic! i would love to go with you sometime. secondhand shops just aren't as full of treasures in america as they are in europe (in my opinion).

  2. Look at your lovely finds. Beautiful and I love how you stash little cute nick nacks into those canning jars.
    And you're contributing to a good cause. Lovely.


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