Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A fun day

Today was a fun fun day. After judo (we cannot miss judo!) we took Sam and Bella for an afternoon out. Not our kind of day out, but something they would find fun and they did. Simply take them to the burger place and set them free in the activity voila. Happy! We waited until the bigger kids had left until we let Bella free in the ball pool which she thought was some kind of baby ball heaven. One of the older boys helped Sam up the various levels where there were trampolines, bridges and a huge tube slide which came out in the ball pool.

However, the real reason for the outing was to buy Sam a scooter. He wanted one just like his friend Gabin - blue with 2 wheels and very very fast. We split up in the sports shop with Bella and I having a quick 'window shop' at the clothes section. The next thing I knew, which you probably had to be there to find it so funny, but it is a big shop and suddenly I heard this extremely loud "muuummyyyyy!!!" and then a Sam came whoosing past on a super scooter. At this point I didn't know whether or not to pretend I was with him or not as many shoppers had to quickly avoid being run over. This was made 100 times worse by finding Scott doing wheelies and hops on another scooter. Can you tell we don't get out much?


  1. laughing out loud. that would be us too.. but, it's me on the other scooter - not michael. i love the blue theme going on in these photos and the polaroid look. how did you do that?

  2. So funny!!!
    Looks like a wonderful day! :-)


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