Thursday, March 17, 2011

Creative Space

Whilst Bella is napping and Sam at school and in between trying to decorate.....I am making Bella a dress with a simple pattern from Lotta Jansdotter's book using (of course) vintage fabrics. With sunny days and warm weather approaching and hopefully Bella walking, I plan on making several of these.

Also, I decided to start my rug again. I have accepted it will look scruffy no matter what but I needed to sew the braids tighter together. If little hands can pull it part then I don't want to think what little feet over and over again will do.  

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  1. I have always wanted to try and make a rug- I think yours is turning out very nicely-
    Please continue to share your progress-
    That vintage fabric is so beautiful

  2. That fabric is wonderful Andrea!
    I am just betting that little Bella is going to look so adorable in it!

  3. both of your prjects look very pretty & promsing !
    i've alway wanted to make such a rug ! but i'm sure sure i'd be very keen on sewing the braid... so i might just crochet some fabric ribbon instead :)

  4. Looking forward to seeing the results of all your hard work. Bring on those sunny and warm days! Your blog looks lovely too hun, like the header :) x

  5. finally am able to see these pictures! my internet has been slow all day. what an adorable dress that is going to be. i really would like to learn to sew. the rag rug is going to be amazing when it's done.

  6. yay for your creative space!
    that dress looks adorable, your fabric is just soo cute.
    scruffy kind of rug looks perfect to me!
    happy Friday ♥

  7. WOW! You are busy! :)
    Love the dress fabric and I am sure your rug will be gorgeous. Well done on a great creative space

  8. What a sweet dress! I so wish I was better at sewing. I would love to be confident enough to just whip up a dress.

  9. That will be the prettiest dress. I love the yellow - beautiful.
    And your rug is turning awesome.
    Is it a design idea with the braids from Amanda Soule's book?



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