Monday, March 21, 2011


The last few days the weather has been grim and illnesses are circulating. Little busy buckles have not been discouraged, infact they have been amusing themselves more lately and never disappoint in entertaining us.

jumping on kraft paper laid out on the bed

weather plate

Sam wanted to leave the tooth fairy his tooth even though it isn't coming out (after reading a Charlie and Lola book about Lola losing her tooth) so we wrote a letter to the 'good boy' fairy instead - which Sam put under his pillow to get a coin. He also wanted to draw the fairy a picture of a blue bear!

playing prickly pile-up

"It's my basket !"
Lately, Sam is recognizing that we need money to buy food and more importantly toys and even more importantly that fairies leave coins under his pillow. With having a cold he is using a huge amount of tissues and when finished with a tissue is flushing it down the loo (he loves pushing the flush button). I explained to Sam that this was a waste of water and that we have to give the water person coins every time he flushes the loo. He understood this and stopped with the flushing. However, later that night he was crawling around looking for something. When I asked him what he was looking for he said "a coin". I said "ok, keep looking  -  this is a good game." He found one eventually on the sideboard and waving it about declared he could now go and flush the toilet as he had a coin to give to the water person. :)


  1. What precious shots Andrea!!

  2. :D Oh that is brilliant, bless his heart!
    My daughter decided that she would rather keep her tooth than have the cash once, I found it in an envelope with 'ples don tak me toof' scribbled on it!
    Hope everyone gets well soon x


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