Thursday, March 31, 2011

My creative space

 Voila! Bella's simple dress. Not perfect by any means but I'm happy with it and will definately make another and another....I have a lot to learn about making clothes. Mainly learning the jargon and processing the instructions. I am not great at following instructions. The daydreamer in me takes over mid-way and goes off on a tangent, but I am determined and loving sewing :)

Sam has many creative spaces too. I will never buy play-dough again. Making it is so much more fun for him and using kitchen utensils like the garlic press and the pizza cutter keep him amused for a while.

We made some bird feeders too. Sam thought that peanut butter was disgusting! But he liked to play with the seeds, mixing the different types and the textures. They ended up as chicken and not feeders. It seems the birds round here are a little fussy.

More lovely creative spaces here.


  1. absolutely beautiful Andrea!
    I can't follow instructions either so even though I want to make some dresses for Amelie, I hesitate thinkng I will get confused with too many instructions.

    love the bird feeder idea, we don't need to make a bird feeder, the birds just eat our chicken food!

    happy creating ♥

  2. Beautiful dress Andrea and I love how you've (intentionally?) woven a little bit of yellow throughout each of the photos in your post :)

  3. the dress is lovely and the spring colors will be so cute on her in the coming months! i like sam's creative space too. homemade play-do is the best!

  4. Beautiful dress, and beautiful blog. Life in France looks amazing. I'm so glad I found your blog!


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