Friday, April 1, 2011


The sun is out and I decided I needed a walk. So to coincide with nipping to the shop (Sam put all the washing up liquid in the sink to make bubbles and bubbles did he make!) I took Bella for a tour around St Sulpice les Feuilles, a nearby village. I have an obsession with old painted doors and used the polaroid app to photograph them. I didn't want to take the 'big' camera and I got enough strange looks as it was. We're going to do this more I think. I found so many lovely buildings and gardens that you don't get to see by car and as a bonus I found the Red Cross charity shop tucked away down a side street..yay!

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  1. I knew I liked you! I am completely obsessed with old doors. I scour the Habitat for Humanity store hoping to happen upon a gem that I could actually use to replace my front door. I also take pictures of the ones I find while out and about that give me door envy.


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