Sunday, March 6, 2011


Sunny days, bike rides around the village (Sam is "super fast!"), walking without coats on...yay! Planting seeds, cutting the grass, playing in the sand, in the orchard across the road, taking photos .....

It has been a lovely half-term. Sam is back to school tomorrow and he will begin babbling in french once again.


  1. Perfect! {though I have location envy, what I would do to be in France!} Beautiful photos Andrea, talking of which I love the ones in your previous post also! :)x

  2. These are such wonderful shots Andrea. I especially love the last one. Such wonderful light and tones!
    I wish you a beautiful start to your week!

  3. ooooh - sam's bike is super fast and super cool! ezra ordered a new bike for himself for our return and it's blue like sam's. i love the odd numbered shots in this post especially. i see spring flowers blooming behind those chickens!


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