Saturday, March 5, 2011

Clinging but happy...

This is how I'm spending most of my day. Whether she is in the sling or sat with me, Bella is super clingy at the moment. Crying whenever I leave the room and attaching herself to my leg, she won't let go. So, I'm having to adjust my day. Cooking and washing up are a no no unless she is in her highchair munching on a snack. Nap time is spent with Sam as he is getting less attention with Bella being so demanding. But he is an understanding little guy. Scott is super busy in the workshop so it is just moi, but instead of getting stressed, I am seeing the positive and actually enjoying the clingyness as it will seem such a short chapter of our lives in years to come.


  1. i will gladly take that little cling-on off your hands anytime! if only i could... she's so adorable. these are such great shots. i love your space and the way you've made it your own with scott's handsome woodwork and your lovely touches. the shot of bella with her arms open and ready for love with such a happy look on her face is so sweet! you're right about short chapter. i am not sure what it will be like when they're teenagers. maybe all this holding and love will make it less painful for us than it is for some.

  2. Oh, I so remember those times. Trust me, it will pass (too quickly)!! She is such a precious little one. Loving that first photograph. An up and coming photographer!!!


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