Friday, March 4, 2011

Tipis or Teepees

Sam was looking through a book I bought for him with crafts to make from recycled materials. Of course, he wanted to make everything but we settled on a tipi. It was fun because we had to go in search for sticks in the garden - an activity he loves! Very simple to make with few materials. We're just discussing putting one in the garden for the children to play in -  Scott tells me someone actually lives in a tipi nearby?!. We just need to find a huge piece of canvas and we have plenty bamboo in the garden for poles.

Thank you Anushka for the idea of enlarging my photos. I think they look much better :)


  1. ooh! love love love it! the header, the bigger pictures, and this great project. i've always wanted a teepee in the garden. not far from where we used to live in california is a place called topanga canyon and there was a great teepee in someone's garden that we used to marvel at. i can't wait to see what you guys come up with this summer!
    it was really fun to see my name in your post too. : ) you don't have to give me credit for that though silly.
    p.s. i love bella's outfit. i want to always wear what she's wearing.

  2. Oh love the new look hun! Great photos too. These tipis are brill, I might have a go at making them with my two...x


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