Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Rain stopped play

Bella and I set out this morning on a mission to get a dose of french city life in Limoges. It all went toes up when it started to bucket it down with rain. Typical. So, we stopped at the retail park instead and wandered around the Ikea type shop. I bought some large dinner plates - Scott can't fit his meat and two veg on the french sized dinner plates. I picked up a beautiful tin of Chinese Jasmine Tea and had a nosey around the toy section to get ideas for Sam's birthday present. 

Unbelievably, the sun came out as soon as we got home! And, Bella lost her shoe. I think I should stay at home  :)


  1. Always the way that the sun should come out on your return:P Poor shoe! Now about this meat and two veg....;D x

  2. What a bummer to loose a shoe! I lost a shoe last summer and I was so sad because they were my favorite little shoes. It never showed up...I actually think it vanished into thin air!


  3. love the series! i thought you were in ikea... bella keeps getting cuter!

  4. Just one of those days, but at least it was rain! It snowed here again this morning :-(


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