Monday, March 28, 2011

Tidying is difficult when a little someone is crawling behind making more of a mess than there was in the first place. She is getting strong enough on those chubby legs to reach for Sam's art supplies...hmmm.

She was intrigued with the vintage french camera. A good job there was no film in it. Still, she persisted - saying "cheese" whilst pointing it right in her face.

I had another change around. Moving my sewing machine in front of the window which is much more pleasant than facing the wall. I tend to change around rooms when I'm avoiding doing something else....

A trip around the garden by tricycle- saying goodbye to the blossoms which are falling on the ground like snowflakes.


  1. hmmmm. like mother like daughter. i think she's your artist, andrea. : ) i love her cheeks.

  2. Your photos have a beautiful dreamy colour to them. I love to change rooms around, it always keeps things fresh, much better than going and spending money on making things look different. Enjoy the rest of your day with your sweet little ones. xo

  3. Yeeeeees! A little "photographer in the making!"
    What a sweet shot!

  4. Even though he no longer crawls, my little one makes a huge mess each day as he travels through the day exploring, playing, making. I've stopped trying to pick up after him, instead we do one HUGE clean-up at the end of the day.


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