Sunday, March 27, 2011


It's a rainy day today, but that's ok. We've enjoyed the last week of lovely weather and the rain has come to water in all the new plants just after we spent the day gardening.

Farmer Sam was happy to see the return of the tractor to plough the veg plots whilst Bella helped me plant some new flowers. Her favourite place is over in the orchard where she loves to explore new (to her) territory.

So, today we're having a rest indoors playing making dens and important scooter/truck assignments. Bella has taken to snacking on the bottom step rather than in her highchair. She tends to have a quick snack and then crawl off to play again. We might fit in a bike ride if the rain stops.


  1. sounds like a cozy at home weekend. i love the tidbit about bella's new snacking habits. it's really these little things that are so adorable to look back on that you'll have otherwise totally forgotten about. i was just looking through my handwritten journal (before blog days) about ezra in his infancy and toddlerhood. there are so many cute snippets of our days that i would never remember otherwise.

  2. Hi Andrea! Beautiful phots, as always. You are making such wonderful memories for your family. I must admit I am a little envious of your time in France. It must be gorgeous! Have a great week. Lou x

  3. That tractor looks like every little boy's dream come true. Love those socks on your header - too cute!

  4. Loving Sam on the tractor!!
    Great shots Andrea.
    I hope you've had a wonderful Sunday!

  5. Rest day in doors sounds so sweet. I love all the pictures in this post especially the one with the purple flowers.

  6. andrea, your weekend looks glorious... i look to see those little people moving around indoors and out... my son is talking about that tractor (of course). me? i am most enamored by all those signs of spring. it's still so cold here. thanks for views of flowers and the possibility that we might see something like them soon. happy monday!


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