Wednesday, April 27, 2011

In blossom

So much in blossom and flower at the moment. Some flowers will not last very long as Bella is de-heading flowers as she spots them. She does try to stick them back on with good intentions though.

There is a carpet of chestnut blossom petals over the driveway and most of the them with wisteria petals make their way into the house. As long as it doesn't rain it looks pretty.


  1. Spring looks beautiful there Andrea. xo

  2. gorgeous! love how you processed them too. I know what you mean about it looking pretty until it rains. Our grounds are covered in floral debris also. Until the rains come.

  3. bwah... this post just sings spring andrea! beautiful!

  4. Beautiful blossoms and flowers. Especially loving the blossoms with the blue background. Wow!


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