Thursday, April 28, 2011

My Creative Space

This last week I've been busy continuing knitting the jumper for Sam. Now my mother-in-law is here to advise me on how to pick up stitches and other technical help for a novice, I feel confident to try and get it done.

Sewing, I find much easier and have managed to make a simple drawstring top for Bella, a headscarf (with elastic to help it stay on!) and a bag for moi from my Cath Kidston  book.

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  1. I love the fabric you've used. While glancing through the photos, I thought to myself how sweet Bella's top is. Only later to read that you have, of course, made it yourself. Lucky kid! I must learn to sew!

  2. lovely creations andrea! what a lucky girl you have.. can't wait to see sam's jumper. did i miss a post? must have...

  3. So gorgeous. Cute little model there too! Love the bag and print. Which Cath Kidston book was it? I just ordered "Sew".

  4. Lovely lovely lovely. Such lovely gentle colourfullness.

  5. so cute! i need to get that book. i have been making headscarves too to go with tiny skirts. your girl is beyond cute in her scarf!


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