Sunday, April 10, 2011

Projet des fleurs

Sam and I have started a little project. Fun in many ways for me and him. He loves picking flowers (only a few as they are wild flowers) and he loves loves sticky tape (I love the pink sticky tape) and I love photographing them and identifying them in the wildflowers book. Hopefully, they will dry and keep their colours. They look pretty lovely in a vase too :)


  1. what a great idea andrea! do they dry nicely in your book? i used to love doing flower presses when i was a girl. i have seen one here and wanted to get it for ezra but never did. i think you should have one! but, you can probably do it without a press... a little contact paper and heavy books should do it. i love this post!

  2. Hello Andrea, I'm Andrea :D

    I love this little project and can't wait to see more!!

  3. What a lovely idea! I love botanical prints..what a very clever hands-on, educational way to use them.

  4. Looks like a great project. And I like the look of the flowers being taped onto the paper.

  5. avec du masking tape comme ça c'est vraiment joli !
    ce qui me rappelle un des (trop) nombreux projets sur ma liste et qui n'a pas encore vu le jour.... un herbier...


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