Monday, April 11, 2011

Trip to the garden centre

It's all about being in the garden at the moment. I'm struggling to get anything done in the house. When it's so nice outside, it seem a shame not to take full advantage. Unfortunately, the heat also brings the flies. Lots of flies. Living in an agricultural area, we have to try and put up with them. So, out have come the mosquito screens for the windows and we have to try and keep the doors shut. We need to try and keep out other unwanted guests too, such as the hornets and wasps (shiver).

We went for a visit to the garden centre, run by Patrick. Sam was funny- he walked up to him, tapped him on the arm, shook his hand and said "hello, my name is Sam", bizarrely in English. Patrick gives lots of advice and won't let you buy certain flower plants or vegetable plants if he thinks the conditions are not right. I bought some lovely pink geraniums (the conditions are ok for geraniums) and a couple of other plants which the naughty chicks have scratched up.


  1. I love geraniums they remind me of my nana. I have two planted at home, one red and one pink.

  2. sam is so cute. pink geraniums were always a staple in my mum's garden. they're happy little flowers. i like that patrick is so knowledgable and takes such pride in his wares. that's so french.

  3. Sam sounds like quite the little gentleman :)

  4. naughty chicks- but they liked it though.
    we were in our garden ALL weekend. So much fun- my nails are done though.

  5. beautiful photos!


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