Tuesday, July 5, 2011


I was pottering about taking photos on Sunday, when Sam appeared, sat and posed for photos quite willingly. Very rare. His eye was nowhere near as bad as we thought it would be, thank goodness. I've noticed he looks different recently. Somehow older in his face. I find myself staring at him trying to figure out what has changed. 


  1. What a gorgeous boy... his eye must have hurt! :(

    I love your photos - the colours are amazing. Are they slightly desaturated? Would love to know what camera you use... xx

  2. Truly so beautiful Andrea!
    So glad Sam's eye is okay.

  3. beautiful andrea, i don't know how you get that photo effect but's it's lovely.

    sam looks great, and so glad to see his eye mishap has been downgraded.

    i find myself staring at my children too, i think it gets worse the older they get! they amaze me, the people they've become.

  4. Sweet boy!he has a very sweet expression!

  5. such a sweet boy. i think they're getting longer and leaner our boys and that's what makes their faces look older. i can see it in sam's face too. love his birkis.

  6. Ever thought of professional photography. They are so lovely. xx


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